Surface Studies

“Metering Real Time account for different phases of fluid in production help lower the cost of real time measurement  with immediate CAPEX and OPEX reductions.”


  • Real Value: M-Flow will deliver key production management data at a fraction of the cost of a multiphase meter, with limited, if any, onsite follow-up. 
  • Cost Effective:M-Flow’s simplicity and compactness reduces the capital cost of wellhead metering.
  • Performance: Unique carbon fibre construction creates signal transparency for repeatable non-intrusive measurement.
  • Simplicty & Performance: The M-Flow Multiphase Meter has a small installation footprint and is simple to retrofit into any piping class.

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Wellhead Monitoring

The M-Flow Multiphase Meter is the ideal solution for wellhead monitoring.  A highly repeatable measure with an almost zero maintenance footprint provides a viable low cost and low intervention metering solution for every well. 

Monitoring multiple wells for crucial production parameters, including water cut, water breakthrough, GOR change, and flow rate changes is a significant part of i-field initiatives aimed at boosting production rates and reserves recovery.


M-Flow Water Cut Meter

The M-Flow Water Cut Meter enable operators to identify water in hydrocarbon allocation, custody transfer and process monitoring. 

The M-Flow Water Cut Meter can identify hydrocarbon accounting losses and reduce maintenance, running costs and HSE exposure.

Water Cut Meter Brochure
Water Cut Meter Datasheet
M-Flow Water Cut Case Study