Akselos Integra™

AKSELOS INTEGRA™ …the digital twin predictive analysis, 1000X faster than any other in the market.


Real time operational simulation

Combined with sensors, physics-based models and machine learning, our technology is the only one of its kind that can offer real-time access to the condition of your asset through a living, learning virtual replica – a Predictive Digital Twin.

Predictive analytics

If you can predict it, you can protect it. Simulate fatigue in real-time and prevent failure by bringing the most successful design technology to operations.

    • FPSOs
    • Pipe Networks
    • FSOs
    • Rotational Equipments
    • Pressure Vessels
    • Pumps
    • Turbines
    • Generators
    • Umbilicals
    • Risers

13 Great Things About Askelos

    • 24/7 eyes on the asset
    • Mastering all possibilities
    • Realtime diagnosis of the assets to prevent failure
    • A fully integrated digital thread from design to operations
    • Real-time incident resolution
    • Fast decisions made by physics not estimates
    • An exact replica of your asset right down to the smallest detail
    • There’s no model too big
    • Breaks the limit of FEA
    • Dramatically increases simulation throughput
    • Eliminates overcompensating on maintenance when you don’t have to
    • The best in the world at capturing the physics of a system
    • On simulation product to manage your assets

“Akselos Predictive Technology  is saving companies millions by making predictive maintenance a reality.”

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